I occasionally do this.

Capturing a wedding, a day that’s so important to those involved is a daunting task.  For example, in drama, where I am most comfortable, I can ask the actors to return to their marks (starting points). 

‘More emotion this time darling!’

I would be heard to shout whilst sweeping my silk scarf over my shoulder and adjusting my tweed baker boy cap, we would then chalk up for the next take. 

Well, perhaps not, but seriously you only get one chance to capture the moment. yet strangely I love it, I find this one chance to get it right type of shoot a great challenge and usually find it to be a very calm and enjoyable shoot. 

We tend to do two films when it comes to weddings - one for social media, short and dramatic plus a full size production of the whole day, speeches and all.

If you’d like to see some of my most recent work then email me and I’ll find something for you to watch.